Knife Fights

Want your group to perform like a CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM?

It's EASY...just join Capital City Kitchen for the ultimate team-building exercise

Capital City Kitchen Knife Fights

Our Knife Fights are an extraordinary way to ignite your team's passion, creativity, and bond with each other!

Here's how our team-building Knife Fights work...

  1. We'll separate participants into two groups.
  2. Each group will be given the same box of cooking ingredients and a chef mentor.
  3. Each side must work together as a team to plan and execute a perfect dish in the Capital City Kitchen.
  4. One of the teams will then be selected by the judges as the winner and share a fun team prize.
  5. After the winner is chosen, all participants will sit down to a deliciously creative dinner prepared by me, Chef Valerie, and my amazing team.
  6. Our Knife Fights start at $75/person.

To book your team's Knife Fight, email us at info@capcitykitchen.comĀ 

Set up your team-building Knife Fight NOW.