Weekly Meals

I'll create & prepare Individual Weekly Meals just for you in our Capital City Kitchen.

To set up a FREE 1-on-1 Consult & to Place your Order, email Chef Valerie at: info@capcitykitchen.com.

Get Individual Meals

Get individual healthy week night meals created, cooked, and packaged right here in our Capital City Kitchen. Plenty of delicious food in each meal to satisfy your tummy and your cravings.

Stop the 2nd-Helping Temptation Demon

Ever eat a 2nd helping you know is evil or eat what's left in a pot before dish washing? Who hasn't? When the meal is the perfect size for 1 helping that's made just for you, those temptations fly out the kitchen window.

Avocado & Tacos

Love Our Focus On Locally Fresh Ingredients

Created using so many locally fresh ingredients, produce, proteins, and garnishes that your taste buds will know you care. Grocery dinners can't measure up to the flavors in each Capital City Kitchen weekly individual dinner.

Stock Your Freezer

You can freeze many of these personal meals. Know what that means, don't you? You can keep several Capital City Kitchen individual dinners in your freezer and eat them when you're ready.

Pick Up or Delivery

Get weekly dinners delivered or pick them up at the Capital City Kitchen. You'll find us at 1422 Keystone Way East in Carmel, IN 46032. For more information, email Chef Valerie at info@capcitykitchen.com.

Don't Have To Give Up A Popcorn Night

Maybe you feel like eating popcorn one night. No problem. Just pop your Capital City Kitchen individual meal in the freezer and eat it another night.

Email me, Chef Valerie, at info@capcitykitchen.com.

There's truly nothing I'd rather do than talk with you about beautiful delicious FOOD!!